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Today, Android app development has become essential for any company that wants to stay relevant in the smartphone market. Whereas iOS once had exclusive dominance, today both Android and iOS are the leading platforms in the market. At Porat, we focus on high-quality Android application development at a competitive cost, ensuring our clients’ success in this challenging market. When it comes to Android application development, expertise and skill are required – and that’s precisely what we offer.

Android application development at Porat: skill, professionalism, and facing challenges

Android application development is a fascinating process that demands diverse skills. At Porat, we are well-versed with leading programming languages like Java and React Native, and employ advanced tools such as Android Studio. However, the most crucial skill is an in-depth understanding of the User Experience (UX), aligning with the client’s needs, and the ability to evaluate and refine ideas. Therefore, before starting the development process, we brainstorm and review ratings and feedback on existing apps. After solidifying the concept, we initiate the building of an MVP to test scopes and gather feedback. When you choose Porat for your Android app development, you opt for uncompromised quality and professionalism, all at a fair price.

Stages of android application development

Our comprehensive and professional process will serve you from start to finish, taking into account all requirements, needs, and challenges that may arise. Here’s an overview of the main stages we go through:

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Understanding app requirements

Understanding the client’s goals, target audience, and functionality needs is essential. Our discussions aim to strike the right balance between aspirations and feasibility.

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Architectural planning

Defining the basic structure of the app, from the main header to the smallest detail. This is the stage where we decide on the app’s ‘how’ and ‘what’.

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Interface design

We invest time understanding the end user and creating an intuitive experience. The goal is to ensure the user enjoys every click and swipe in the app.

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Coding and development

According to the requirements, we craft the code that powers the app, ensuring each feature and function is optimally realized.

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Testing and quality assurance

We test, identify, and rectify to ensure the app operates correctly and at the highest quality level.

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Market deployment

This is the stage where the app is ready to meet the broader audience. We ensure everything is prepared for deployment in the app stores.

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Support and maintenance

No app remains static. We are committed to ensuring your app continues to update, improve, and grow according to needs.

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Iterative process

Improvements and adjustments made according to changing client requirements allow us to offer an app optimally tailored to the end user’s needs.

Why choose android app development?

The digital era has brought forward countless opportunities for businesses and individual developers alike, especially in the realm of Android app development. Here’s why venturing into this domain could be a game-changer:


Expansive User Base

Android dominates the global mobile operating system landscape. As of 2020, it boasted an impressive 2.8 billion active users, representing over 75% of the market. This vast user pool means your app has the potential to reach an incredibly wide audience.


Unleashed Creativity

Android development is synonymous with creativity and innovation. The platform encourages developers to think unconventionally, allowing them to materialize even the most avant-garde ideas. This creative liberty can be instrumental in delivering unique and impactful solutions to your audience.


Efficient Market Entry

Launching your app is remarkably swift on the Android platform. The Google Play Store is known for its minimal wait times, often taking just a few days to approve new apps. As long as your app adheres to legal standards, there are no stringent functionality prerequisites to worry about.


Versatile Compatibility

The Android ecosystem extends beyond just smartphones and tablets. Apps developed for Android can seamlessly function on a plethora of devices, including smartwatches, TVs, in-car systems, and more. This multi-device compatibility opens up novel avenues for engaging with your audience in different contexts.

What’s the cost of android app development?

In the ever-evolving world of technology, creating an Android app can be a critical step for businesses and individual entrepreneurs. However, understanding and managing the financial aspects of Android app development is vital. Here’s a breakdown of what influences the cost:

Complexity and Feature Set

The cost can vary significantly based on the app’s complexity. Simple apps with basic functionality are generally less expensive to develop compared to those requiring intricate features and advanced integrations.

Choice of Development Platforms

Opting to develop exclusively for Android can affect the budget differently than building for multiple platforms. Utilizing cross-platform development tools like React Native or Flutter can be a more budget-friendly route.

Enhancing User Interaction and Visual Appeal

Investing in premium graphics, fluid animations, and dynamic interactive features can increase the investment required. Nonetheless, these elements are vital in crafting a captivating user experience, distinguishing your application in a competitive market.

The Development Team’s Expertise

The caliber of your Android development team plays a pivotal role. Factors such as their skill level, experience, and geographical location can all impact the overall cost. A seasoned team may command a higher price but can also ensure top-notch quality.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing and quality checks are indispensable for the app’s seamless performance. This phase of development, while adding to the cost, is essential for ensuring that the app is reliable, user-friendly, and free from glitches.

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    Android app development specification

    Clearly defining the app requirements is the first step to ensuring the success of the project. At “Porat” company, we understand the significance of this definition, especially when embarking on android app development. Here’s what’s essential to include in the document:

    Beginning Your Android App’s Voyage to Google Play

    Embarking on the journey of launching your Android app in the Google Play store can be thrilling and complex. We’re here to guide you through each crucial step to ensure a smooth and successful launch:

    • Setting Up Your Google Play Developer Account: This initial step involves a one-time fee and the provision of your personal details. It’s the gateway to the Android app market.
    • App Readiness and Finalization: Before launching, we ensure your app is thoroughly vetted and polished. This step is crucial to ensure that your app is in its best form, ready for public release.
    • Uploading Your App on Google Play: In this stage, we upload your app, complete with its final distribution version and all the essential metadata. This metadata is key to making your app easily discoverable and appealing to potential users.
    • Google’s Rigorous Quality Review: After uploading, your app undergoes a detailed review process based on Google’s stringent guidelines. Passing this review is the final hurdle before your app makes its debut to the world.

    For more insights and assistance in navigating the intricacies of Android app development and launching it on Google Play, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help turn your mobile application vision into reality!

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