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When you’re looking for quality and professional iPhone app development, you need to choose a team that understands your needs. For any business aiming to stay relevant in the digital age, having a well-designed app can make its services or products more accessible. Our company, Porat, is the place where you’ll find the perfect solution for your needs. The iPhone is not just a device; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities. Therefore, iPhone app development is not just a service; it’s an opportunity to offer your customers an impressive and accessible experience. Take the next step in promoting your business and get in touch with us today!

The path to successful iPhone app development: step by step with Porat

When we talk about iOS app development, the process is comprehensive and requires focus and deep thought. Here are the key stages you will go through during the project with us:

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Identifying the need

Before the actual development begins, we conduct an in-depth market survey to understand the target audience and identify the need for the app you want to create. It’s essential to grasp the central problem the app aims to solve and ensure there is a genuine audience interested in it.

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App concept

At this stage, we focus on planning and defining the app. The process includes understanding the primary goals, designing the interface, and user experience. All of this will be incorporated into the central product specification document, providing the right direction for the project.

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Sketches and prototypes

Within the specification document, you will find initial sketches of the app. These will help you visualize the concept and understand how the app will function in practice, including interactions between different screens.

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User-centric design

After finalizing the concept, we move into the visual realm. Our designers at Porat will take the concept and turn it into precise mockups, covering everything from color choices to visual elements.

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App development

Once the design is approved, our skilled development team will bring your idea to life through iPhone app development, ensuring compatibility with various iOS devices. We use agile methods to deliver the final product quickly and with the highest quality.

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Testing and approvals

Before your app can be released in stores, we subject it to rigorous testing. We ensure that every detail works as intended and assist you in the process of uploading it to stores such as the Apple App Store.

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Store deployment

After thorough testing, it’s time to make your app available to a wider audience. We ensure that the app is accessible on the Apple App Store and other relevant app marketplaces.

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Maintenance and updates

Our service doesn’t end with the app’s release. We continue to support you and provide all necessary updates. If you want to know the cost of iPhone app development, you’ve come to the right place. At Porat, we offer professional iOS app development at fair prices and the highest quality.

The perfect way to develop iPhone applications: from advantages to perfect adaptation

Why is investing in iPhone app development so important?

While the market is diverse, the impact and achievements of Apple devices are undeniable. Especially if your target audience is in the United States, where iPhone app development is a clear necessity due to the iPhone’s dominance in the market. How much does iPhone app development cost? The investment can potentially double your profits, as Apple’s app store generates more revenue than its Android counterpart.

The programming language at the core of iPhone

When it comes to iOS app development, the primary language is Swift. In the past, Object-C was the language of choice, but today, Swift is a global standard. Development takes place exclusively within the Apple ecosystem, requiring a Mac for work. Apple is stringent about user privacy, imposing strict rules on development.

Apple’s design language

In the past, the distinction between iPhone app design and Android app design was evident. However, today, those boundaries are blurring. Nevertheless, when developing iPhone apps, it’s crucial to adhere to Apple’s high design standards and adapt to different iPhone screen resolutions. Android offers more flexibility in this regard, but iPhone prioritizes quality.

How much does iPhone app development cost?

When you’re asking yourself how to develop an app, the next natural question is how much it will truly cost. This is a question that interests many people when venturing into the field of app development. Are you interested in developing apps for iPhone only, or also for Android? What features do you want to include? We provide a rough estimate: the cost can range from 50,000 to 200,000 Shekels and beyond.

But before you open your wallet, ensure that your idea is viable and not just a dream. Be cautious about paying high sums without consulting with another technology expert. Not every software development company offers a fair price, so it’s essential to approach this carefully.

Factors influencing the cost include:


The capabilities and features in the app.


Are there specific requirements or advanced design?

Supplementary services

Not just development but also design, market research, promotion, and more.

Ongoing costs

Monthly expenses after the app’s launch.


Is it for iPhone only or also for Android?

Subjective pricing: each development company sets different prices, so it’s crucial to explore options locally and abroad.

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    The perfect way to create wireframes for iPhone applications

    When developing iPhone applications, the precise construction of a wireframe is the first and crucial step. Ensuring a well-designed and organized process can turn your app idea into a perfect reality.

    Six steps to create a quality wireframe for iPhone applications:

    Showcase your iPhone app to the world

    After completing all the development stages, it’s time to unveil your iOS app to a broader audience. Launching your iPhone app on the App Store is a central process called “launch.” There are several methods of launching, but the most recommended is a “soft launch,” releasing the app in selected markets such as the United States or Germany.

    You can also choose to offer your iPhone app to a limited group of beta testers, allowing you to identify and address issues before the official launch. This gives you an opportunity to receive feedback from users and improve the app to better meet their needs.

    At the end of this stage, submit your iOS app for Apple’s review. The review process may take approximately one to two weeks and focuses on quality, content, and compliance with Apple’s developer guidelines. If your app is accepted, it will be published to potential customers worldwide through the App Store.

    This was a general overview of the process, but when you’re ready to go through it with expertise, the Porat team is here to provide you with the appropriate solutions. Get in touch and let’s turn your idea into a reality with the leading way to develop iPhone applications!

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