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‘Porat Software Development’ is a pioneer in the field of information technology outsourcing, with years of accumulated expertise. We have positioned ourselves in a leading position in software development services, website development, application development and cloud services, and we are proud of our ability to combine technological expertise with unparalleled innovation. Our global presence extends from our home base to technology centers overseas to ensure our customers the best of both worlds.


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How can we help you launch your business forward?

In today’s digital age, businesses face a variety of challenges, from adapting to an ever-changing technological environment to ensuring a pleasant and smooth customer experience. However, with the right technology partner, these challenges can become opportunities for you. We at Porat Software Services are proud to be this partner for our many customers.

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Cloud integration

We provide consulting, architecture and advanced cloud solutions for companies. With us you will be able to update and renew your business by integrating the business activity in the cloud, which will allow you flexibility, modernization and the ability to expand the business.

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Modernization of old systems

With our advanced software and cloud solutions, we can refresh your business’s old systems and adapt them to the modern and changing business landscape in order to optimize processes and facilitate ongoing operations.

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Mobile app development

We have extensive experience in the development of mobile applications, we have developed a large number of applications, among others for well-known clients, which are used by tens of thousands of users around the world.

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Solutions for e-commerce

We provide solutions for e-commerce websites, as well as customized design and development services according to customer requirements. As of today, we have already developed dozens of websites that have traffic of tens of thousands of users.

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Customized software

Creating customized software for the individual needs of your business, to ensure smooth and complete integration.

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Maintenance and support

Even after the end of development, our support services ensure that the solutions we created for you will continue to run smoothly, with updates as needed and fast problem solving.

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Our approach to project management and software development is rapid and customized software development, all while guaranteeing timely delivery and without compromising on quality.

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Advanced security solutions

We will help provide protection for your digital assets with our excellent security solutions that ensure continued safe and reliable business operations on an ongoing basis.

Our Vision

Porat software services, we believe that technology is the main avenue of modern businesses. This philosophy guides us throughout all the years of the company’s activity, in each of the many projects, in which we turned a vision into tangible solutions and successfully delivered projects. We believe in working closely with the customer at all stages of the process in order to adapt the product precisely to his needs. This fact, combined with values of integrity and excellence, make us the preferred partner of many businesses. Our extensive partnership with technology experts in a variety of destinations overseas such as India, Ukraine, Spain and more, allows us to provide solutions at a reduced cost without compromising on the quality of the products. Our team of experts at Porat are committed to your success and finding the most suitable solutions for you, all along the way.

What sets us apart from other companies

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leading experts in their field

Our employees are at the highest level in the market. In order to be accepted for work with us, the employees underwent a comprehensive screening during which both their technical and interpersonal abilities were tested. As part of the screening, we make sure that all the company’s employees are experts in their field and are equipped with the latest technological capabilities, so that they can give you as customers a quick and high-quality response.

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Global synergy

At Porat, we combine the latest Western computing with computing and technology experts from overseas. Our dual geographic advantage ensures that we can provide you with up-to-date and innovative world-class software solutions while reducing costs and maintaining economic efficiency for you.

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Customer focused approach

At Porat, we believe in creating partnerships, and not just business relationships. We see ourselves as a full partner in your path, and make sure to adapt and produce solutions for you that are personally and fully adapted to your vision for the business. The ambitions and vision of the customers are the ones that drive us, and we are excited together with every successful customer.

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Extensive professional experience

Time is a measure of reliability. With a journey that has lasted for years, ‘Forat Software Services’ is proud to be a source of trust and commitment in the world of technology. Our extensive professional experience and the multitude of satisfied customers testify to a creative and uncompromising adaptation of solutions, consistent quality service and the long-term relationships we have cultivated along the way.

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      I am immensely grateful to Dor and the team for their outstanding effort in the recent product demo. Their resilience in the face of challenges and proactive problem-solving truly stood out. Even under tight schedules and high-pressure situations, they never lost their positive spirit. A special mention to Dor for his exemplary leadership. Every team member’s dedication and creativity were instrumental in our success. It’s a privilege to collaborate with such an exceptional group, and I am eager for what the future holds for our collaborations. Highly recommended!
      VP R&D, DeepKeep.ai
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      We’ve had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Dor on multiple projects as our go-to fullstack developer. What sets Dor apart is his remarkable ability to simplify intricate processes, ensuring clear communication and effortless collaboration. Technically, Dor’s skills span the gamut—from frontend subtleties to backend intricacies. Simply put, Dor exemplifies the pinnacle of what one desires in a fullstack developer: unmatched technical knowledge, stellar communication, a team-oriented approach, and unwavering punctuality. We’re truly privileged to have partnered with him and eagerly anticipate our future endeavors together.
      Y.S., Team Leader, Housetable
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      I am pleased to offer my unequivocal recommendation for the exceptional services provided by Porat. The company has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment, quick and efficient project execution, and professional work attitude throughout our collaboration, Porat exhibited a high degree of flexibility in adapting to our evolving requirements and consistently meeting deadlines.
      Yaniv Brami Director Of Products Prisma Photonics
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