Our Collaboration with DeepKeep

Embarking on a project with DeepKeep, our objective was clear: develop a robust platform to protect the integrity of AI/ML deployments against the emergent threats of our age. DeepKeep’s ethos resonates with the need to ensure AI models function as intended without malicious external interference. Recognizing this, we implemented a unique technology, providing optimal protection for scalable and reliable AI/ML deployments. Our endeavor addressed vulnerabilities inherent in AI models, ensuring they remained both efficient and uncorrupted. Through our collaborative efforts, the DeepKeep MLProtect platform emerged, armed with cutting-edge tools to bolster AI models against adversarial attacks.

Project highlights

Comprehensive AI Security:

Seamlessly merged a cutting-edge protective layer designed explicitly to thwart and nullify Adversarial AI threats, ensuring a fortified line of defense.

Dynamic AI Firewall Implementation:

Introduced a forward-thinking, proactive defense mechanism tailored to preserve the unadulterated integrity of AI models against potential breaches.

Strategic Defensive Algorithms:

Skillfully implemented a suite of algorithms, encompassing both preliminary pre-processing techniques and final post-processing methods, to provide a multifaceted security approach for AI models.

Unwavering AI Robustness:

Emphasized the bolstering of AI models, making them resilient against unforeseen disruptions, and ensuring they operate with unparalleled consistency and unwavering reliability.

Holistic Lifecycle Oversight:

Deliberately addressed every nuanced phase of the AI model’s journey, ranging from the initial model conception and design to the deployment of sophisticated and interconnected pipelines.

In-depth Explainability Analysis:

Deployed state-of-the-art analytical tools tailored for dissecting and elucidating the inner workings of AI models, enabling a clear and transparent understanding of their functionalities.

Rigorous Performance Evaluations:

Undertook thorough evaluations of AI models, assessing their performance metrics both prior to and following the intricate process of security enhancement and hardening.


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    I am immensely grateful to Dor and the team for their outstanding effort in the recent product demo. Their resilience in the face of challenges and proactive problem-solving truly stood out. Even under tight schedules and high-pressure situations, they never lost their positive spirit. A special mention to Dor for his exemplary leadership. Every team member’s dedication and creativity were instrumental in our success. It’s a privilege to collaborate with such an exceptional group, and I am eager for what the future holds for our collaborations. Highly recommended!
    VP R&D, DeepKeep.ai
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