Our Collaboration with Hortica

Entrusted with the technological infrastructure of Hortica, we undertook a full-fledged Full Stack Development journey. Leveraging tools like Python, React.js, and Node.js, we sculpted an efficient platform hosted in AWS cloud environments. The project saw the integration of multiple microservices, further bolstered by the power of ECS and dockers, ensuring a seamless, robust, and scalable experience.

Key achievements:

Proprietary EwE™ Tech

We meticulously incorporated Hortica’s distinct “environment within an environment” technology. This groundbreaking EwE™ method underscores the innovation at the heart of Hortica’s agricultural approach, positioning them as trendsetters in the realm of industry 4.0 farming.

Net-Negative CO2 Footprint

Beyond merely implementing technology, we became active participants in Hortica’s dedication to sustainability. Our efforts played a pivotal role in amplifying their environment preservation initiatives, helping them achieve a net-negative CO2 footprint.

Dramatic Water Savings

Our collaboration witnessed the successful execution of closed-loop tests that showcased an astonishing 95% reduction in water usage. This achievement not only underscores efficiency but also illustrates a deep-rooted commitment to resource conservation.

Energy Efficiency

At the core of our project was the ambition to reduce energy consumption. Through strategic technical decisions and optimizations, we facilitated a significant decline in energy use, all while ensuring that output quality remained uncompromised.

Seamless Microservice Integration

Recognizing the dynamic nature of Hortica’s requirements, we meticulously integrated multiple microservices. This approach guaranteed a cohesive and unified platform experience, harmonizing various services for optimal user interaction.

State-of-the-Art Tech Stack

By harnessing the power of industry-leading tools such as Python, React.js, and Node.js, we crafted a platform that’s not just relevant for today but is also equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Robust Cloud Infrastructure

Tapping into the expansive capabilities of AWS, we devised a resilient and high-performance cloud ecosystem. This infrastructural backbone ensured that Hortica’s platform remained agile, reliable, and ready to scale as per demand.

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