Our role in Housetable

We were responsible for the full stack development of Housetable.com, utilizing Node/Next.js and integrating with AWS and Lambda functions. The platform includes a mobile app that allows users to capture a 3D tour of their home, an AI-powered renovation wizard that estimates the home’s value post-renovations and suggests improvements, and a feature that lets users customize their offer, see borrowing amounts and projected monthly payments without affecting their credit score. Additionally, the platform includes income and assets verification by connecting to existing financial services and a renovation monitoring tool for tracking contractor progress, managing changes of scopes, and approving contractor payment releases.

Key features of Housetable

AI-powered renovation wizard
Estimates the value of your home after renovations, expected costs and timeline, and suggests improvements most likely to increase its value.
Customizable offers
Allows you to see how much you can borrow, your projected monthly payments, and how that varies depending on the improvements you decide to do, without affecting your credit score.
Income and assets verification
Connect to your existing financial services and automatically extract all the information needed to evaluate your application.
Renovation monitoring
Keep track of your contractors’ progress reports, manage changes of scopes, and approve contractor payment releases using our mobile app.
3D home tour capture
Capture a 3D tour of your home seamlessly using our mobile app.
Home equity maximization
We started Housetable to help homeowners get the most out of their home equity.
Insightful Data-Driven Decision Framework
Elevated the strategic planning and decision-making processes at First Media by providing them with actionable, real-time data insights, empowering them to make more informed choices that resonate with their audience.


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    We’ve had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Dor on multiple projects as our go-to fullstack developer. Every time, Dor has gone above and beyond, delivering results that consistently surpass our expectations. What sets Dor apart is his remarkable ability to simplify intricate processes, ensuring clear communication and effortless collaboration. His affable nature, coupled with deep-rooted expertise, guarantees a smoother, more enjoyable project experience. Moreover, Dor’s commitment to deadlines is unparalleled. He consistently keeps us in the loop, often delivering ahead of schedule, all while maintaining impeccable quality. Technically, Dor’s skills span the gamut—from frontend subtleties to backend intricacies—providing innovative, scalable solutions tailored to our unique requirements. Simply put, Dor exemplifies the pinnacle of what one desires in a fullstack developer: unmatched technical knowledge, stellar communication, a team-oriented approach, and unwavering punctuality. We’re truly privileged to have partnered with him and eagerly anticipate our future endeavors together.
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