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Outsourcing to Israel

At Porat, we specialize in connecting businesses worldwide with the exceptional tech talent and resources that Israel offers. We’re more than just a bridge; we’re your strategic partner in achieving your business goals through efficient, reliable, and cost-effective outsourcing solutions.
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Dor Porat
May 23, 2024

Our Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is not suitable for every project or goal, so the main derivative of using the service is cost versus benefit: Does the organization need to undergo an expensive and prolonged recruitment process to produce or operate something? Does it currently have the infrastructure and resources to do so successfully? What about the training process, budget, supervision and control procedures, and, of course, the outcomes at the end of the road?

  • Outsourcing: Comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s customer support, back-office operations, or project management.
  • IT Outsourcing: Access Israel’s world-renowned IT expertise for network management, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and more.
  • App Development Outsourcing: Bring your app ideas to life with the innovative flair and technical prowess of Israeli developers.
  • Software Development Outsourcing: Build custom software solutions that drive efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance your competitive edge.
  • Hi-Tech Outsourcing: Tap into the cutting-edge technologies and research coming out of Israel’s thriving tech ecosystem.
  • Freelancer Programmers in Outsource: Find highly skilled individual programmers for specialized projects or to supplement your in-house team.

Our Difference

We go beyond simply connecting you with talent. We provide:

Personalized Matching

We take the time to understand your unique requirements and meticulously match you with the right individuals or teams. Here’s how we do it:

  • In-Depth Needs Assessment: We conduct in-depth consultations to understand your project goals, technical specifications, budget, and company culture.
  • Skill-Gap Analysis: We identify the specific skills and experience needed for your project and assess your existing team’s capabilities.
  • Targeted Talent Search: We leverage our extensive network and industry knowledge to identify qualified Israeli professionals who are the perfect fit for your project.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with the contract. We provide continuous support throughout the engagement, ensuring smooth communication and optimal results. Here are some ways we support you:

  • Project Management: We assign a dedicated project manager who acts as your liaison between your team and the outsourced team, ensuring clear communication and timely project delivery.
  • Regular Reporting: We provide regular progress reports that track project milestones, key metrics, and any potential roadblocks.
  • Issue Resolution: We proactively address any challenges that may arise and work collaboratively to find solutions.
Outsourcing to Israel

Cultural Understanding

We bridge the gap between cultures, facilitating clear communication and effective collaboration between your team and the Israeli professionals. Here’s how we bridge the cultural gap:

  • Intercultural Training: We offer cultural awareness training to both your team and the outsourced team to foster mutual understanding and respect.
  • Communication Facilitation: We have experienced staff who are fluent in both English and Hebrew and can help navigate any cultural nuances in communication.
  • Collaboration Tools: We recommend and implement collaboration tools that promote seamless communication and teamwork, regardless of location.

Why Choose Us?

  • Unmatched Expertise: We have a demonstrably successful track record of delivering high-quality outsourcing solutions across diverse industries.
  • Competitive Pricing: Cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  • Access to Top Talent: Direct access to Israel’s highly educated and experienced professionals.
  • Transparent Communication: Open and honest communication every step of the way.

Why Outsource to Israel?

  • Innovation Hub: Israel is globally recognized for its technological advancements and start-up culture, offering you access to cutting-edge solutions.
  • Skilled Workforce: Israeli professionals are highly educated, multilingual, and possess a strong work ethic.
  • Cost-Effective: Outsourcing to Israel can significantly reduce operational costs while maintaining high standards.
  • Government Support: The Israeli government actively promotes outsourcing and provides a favorable business environment.
Outsourcing Israel

Our Working Process:

  • Consultation: We discuss your specific needs and goals to develop a tailored outsourcing strategy.
  • Talent Search: We leverage our extensive network to identify the ideal professionals for your project.
  • Onboarding: We facilitate a smooth transition and integration of the outsourced team into your workflow.
  • Project Management: We oversee the project, ensuring milestones are met, and provide regular progress reports.
  • Continuous Improvement: We analyze performance data and gather feedback to continually optimize the outsourcing process.

Ready to Explore the Possibilities?

Contact us today for a free consultation. Let’s discuss how outsourcing to Israel can transform your business.

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      I am immensely grateful to Dor and the team for their outstanding effort in the recent product demo. Their resilience in the face of challenges and proactive problem-solving truly stood out. Even under tight schedules and high-pressure situations, they never lost their positive spirit. A special mention to Dor for his exemplary leadership. Every team member’s dedication and creativity were instrumental in our success. It’s a privilege to collaborate with such an exceptional group, and I am eager for what the future holds for our collaborations. Highly recommended!
      VP R&D, DeepKeep.ai
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      We’ve had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Dor on multiple projects as our go-to fullstack developer. What sets Dor apart is his remarkable ability to simplify intricate processes, ensuring clear communication and effortless collaboration. Technically, Dor’s skills span the gamut—from frontend subtleties to backend intricacies. Simply put, Dor exemplifies the pinnacle of what one desires in a fullstack developer: unmatched technical knowledge, stellar communication, a team-oriented approach, and unwavering punctuality. We’re truly privileged to have partnered with him and eagerly anticipate our future endeavors together.
      Y.S., Team Leader, Housetable
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      I am pleased to offer my unequivocal recommendation for the exceptional services provided by Porat. The company has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment, quick and efficient project execution, and professional work attitude throughout our collaboration, Porat exhibited a high degree of flexibility in adapting to our evolving requirements and consistently meeting deadlines.
      Yaniv Brami Director Of Products Prisma Photonics
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